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Warranty Policy

  1. Orbit Design guarantees its products for a period of 1 year from the date of register on website.
  2. The warranty only effect in service center or authorize service center after repair.
  3. We provide repair service free of charge but such service will be limited to normal use only. Any damage caused by misuse of users shall not be covered by the warranty hereof.

These situation are not include in warranty:

  1. Expendables: Brake surface of rim、pawls、bearing、seal、washer.
  2. Incorrect set up, Ex: non-compatible cassettes、Tire wrong size、Incorrect brake shoes…etc.
  3. Incorrect maintenance, Ex: Incorrect tool using, non- compatible bearing repair, Wrong Lubricating oil…etc.
  4. Not appropriate using, Ex: Riding road bike wheels on non- asphalt road、Riding road bike wheels jumping、Overloading、Over the pumping limit.
  5. Lost parts by yourself.
  6. Warranty does not include without serial number product, please show the certification when service.
  7. Damage because not Orbit design shipment or repair shipping to us, Please keep the original box to avoid damage.

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