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Passed UCI impact test

Advanced carbon spoke wheels designed by Orbit Design passed UCI shock test conducted by Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center in 2016. On 14th November in the same year, our carbon spoke wheels were inscribed as UCI standard facilities. Rriders around the world are permitted to use them in all the races recognized by the UCI.

Bearing fit technology

Nastran(NASA Structural Analysis), the leading-edge stress analysis software and measuring instrument with 0.001 mm resolution help ensure that fits reach their smoothest condition while in function.

Products the technology is applied to: All wheels

Precision Manufacturing

Orbit Design parts are made by selected precision CNC machine, quality check equipment resolution up to 0.001mm, gives you excellent experience.

Products the technology is applied to: All wheels

Self Alignment Nipple

2016 carbon spoke wheels are attached with self-aligning nipples. Special designed arc edge allows self-aligning angle to be as high as 10 degrees. The combination of materials of different hardness strengthens the capacity to absorb vibration.

Quick fit system

You can adjust the bearing without disassembling the wheels. This make wheels function better and bearings last longer.

Dual Clutch System

24-teeth gear and 3 plus 3 clutch compise the dual clutch system, which doubles the speed of transmission (equivalent to 48T), while the stablility of 24T system is maintained. Speed ensures the dominance.

Perpendicular Technology

By keeping spokes vertical to hub while functioning, unnecessary stress is prevented and thereby wheels life is extened. The result is proven by a real case in which a bike has run 60000km in 6 years, including PBP races (1200km in length).

Gen.4 Thru Axle

Not only use 15mm Thru Axle in both front and rear wheels, but also insist on Aluminum 7075-T6 and limit the size tolerance to 0.005mm. To assure that the load is distributed equally and therefore prolong the life of the parts, we insist on using 15mm Thru Axle in both wheels. 

3D Drilling Technology

No expense spared in drilling straight pull spoke holes. We use 5-axis machining center to assure that spokes and rim are steady, thereby avoid excessive stress and prolong the life of the parts.

Asymmetric rim

New Bayon is equipped with latest released asymmetric rim(31mm high and 24mm wide) in its rear wheel. While the cross-section shape of the rim is designed as asymmetic, lateral stiffness is strengthened and spoke tension is better balanced, exceptional performance is expected. Meanwhile, the inclination of valve hole is a normal phenomenon because of the asymmetrical rim.

We choose KLM41, aluminum alloy contains manganese and niobium, as the material. The tensile strength of KLM41 is twice higher than traditional alloy. After extruded and drawn, it undergo cold working and is bent into the form immediately. T-10 heat treatment, artificial aging for 8 hours and reprocessing follows. A series of procedures make the products more stronger than other alloy wheels in the market.        

Carbon spoke

In Taichung Bike Week 2012, Orbit Design released carbon spoke wheels MESON. They were the first standardized and adjustable carbon spoke wheels to be lauched in Taiwan. In the background of the picture is the design manuscript at that time. Turnning yellow, the manuscript honestly records the research process. 

Ceramic bearing

Ceramic beads are made of Si3N4, which is different from ordinary ceramic. With high fracture toughness, they perform excellently on resisting thermal shock. They can carry high structural load even under high temperature and at the same time exhibiting their extraordinary anti-abrasion property .

Hub Structure Analysis

Nastran(NASA Structural Analysis), the leading-edge stress analysis software and check parts stress area to avoid failure and lightweight, make it reinforced also reduce weight, fast design optimize.


Products the technology is applied to: All wheels